Course Feedback Questionnaire

Why is there a feedback questionnaire?

  • To catch early problems (that are easily solvable) in class; some students claim they don't care about writing comments on course evaluations because "by the time the professors do see it, it's already too late" (as in, their suggestions haven't been implemented in time).
  • To assist the professor in improving aspects of his/her teaching or to continue the said aspects.
  • To change the student perception that formal course evaluations are ineffective, and that the professors, department and faculty actually do take them seriously.
  • It is noteworthy that this questionnaire was drafted jointly between staff and student representatives.
  • We appreciate your help to make the classroom environment more conducive to learning.

Download a printable copy: Course Feedback Questionnaire


All questions are answered: -Yes- -No- -Not Applicable-

  1. Are the conditions of the classroom appropriate (adequate seating, proper ventilation, comfortable room temperature, sufficient lighting)?

    If not, please specify:
  2. If you have seen a Teaching Assistant (TA), do you find them helpful (e.g., sufficient or many office hours, good tutoring)?

    If not, please specify:
  3. Is the professor's presentation of the material clear (overheads, handwriting, audibility, vocal clarity)?

    If not, please specify:
  4. Is there too much/too little covered in lectures?

    If so, please specify:
  5. Does the professor have convenient office hours (i.e., no conflict with other courses)?
  6. Is there sufficient material covered in class to complete assignments, or are assignments relevant to the material?
  7. IF the course is primarily web-based, is the website updated often enough?
  8. Is the course handouts/notebook/textbook adequate?
  9. IF NOT, should supplementary handouts/notebook/textbook be recommended?
  10. Other comments:
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