Abstracts 2016

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URBP-001:  Analyzing McGill Travel Survey
Professor: Ahmed El-Geneidy
E-mail: ahmed.elgeneidy [at] mcgill.ca
Telephone: 514-398-8741

Research Area:  Transportation planning

Description:  Academic institutions are increasingly aware of the impacts that their operations have on the environment. Commuting accounts for the greatest proportion of the environmental footprint of higher education institutions. In such context, McGill University wishes to implement strategies to promote sustainable modes of travel, both for short distance commuting and for long distance travel. To better understand the level of environmental impact associated with travel to and from McGill campuses, and to better harness opportunities for the use of more sustainable modes, the Transportation Research at McGill (TRAM) research group, in collaboration with the McGill Sustainability Office, undertook a project which began in December 2010 to assess the travel behaviour of McGill University students, faculty and staff. Two surveys were conducted (in 2011 and 2013) to understand how University members commute to McGill campuses, and how they use the various transportation services and incentives offered by the City of Montreal and McGill University as part of their travel. A third survey is currently being conducted to understand how travel behavior trends have evolved throughout the years. In addition to investigating commuting patterns, this survey will also address long distance travel behavior. The potential benefits of this research project include: an increase in the awareness of the importance of travel behaviour in an overall sustainability framework; a better understanding of the use of sustainable transportation among McGill-affiliated individuals as well as existing barriers associated with the use of these modes; and an opportunity to explore the “walkability” and “cyclability” of McGill campuses and their surroundings.

Tasks:  Students will be analyzing the McGill travel survey, helping in managing and updating the TRAM data archive, and assisting TRAM group researchers in conducting various surveys and tasks.

Deliverables:  Students are expected to deliver a full report that summarizes the results of the analysis, and provides recommendations to McGill Sustainability office regarding long and short distance travel made by the McGill community.

Number of positions: 2
Academic Level: Year 3