Our Mission

Students and staff hold hands in a circle celebrating Indigenous Awareness Week

SEDE is committed to a vision of education that builds and facilitates pathways to learning that extend into the communities in which McGill is embedded.

Our mission is to address barriers to education by celebrating and integrating diverse perspectives into campus culture, and fostering research and mentorship opportunities to support more equitable, inclusive outreach and research at McGill.

Our core values uphold experiential learning and community engagement as central to the academic excellence and service to society for which McGill is known, and we believe that taking knowledge outside of the classroom is essential to work better and smarter together.

These are some of the things we offer:

  • Events and activities aimed at recognizing and celebrating diverse perspectives and achievements of different communities
  • Partnership-building and support through identifying barriers to meaningful involvement in McGill life, and collectively addressing them
  • Research and community exchange which promotes experiential learning through an equity lens as a part of academic study
  • Volunteer and mentorship opportunities in order to promote exchange between communities and share our capacities for research and knowledge-sharing

If you're looking for information about McGill policies, such as the Employment Equity policy, go here

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events available.