Police Background Check Form

Tutoring & Mentoring at H.S. Billings High School:

  • On this form, please check off 'volunteer' and state that you will be working at Howard S. Billings High School, NEST Tutoring Program.
  • Once completed, scan and email form to Ms. Olga Khomenko at okhomenko [at] nfsb.qc.ca (subject: Police%20background%20check%20form%20-%20H.S.%20Billings%20High%20School%2C%20NEST%20Tutoring%20Program) . Please cc engage.sede [at] mcgill.ca when submitting your form so that the Program Coordinator is aware of your submission.
  • Please send the completed as soon as possible, because it can take several weeks to complete the process. 
  • FORM:PDF icon nfsb_background_check_form.pdf