McGill student groups

TO BE ABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST your club or organization must belong to or be affiliated with one of the following Students Association.

  • Arts Undergraduate Society
  • CKUT
  • Dental Students’ Society
  • Education Undergraduate Society
  • Engineering Undergraduate Society
  • Law Students’ Society
  • Legal Information Clinic
  • Macdonald Campus Students’ Society
  • Management Undergraduate Society
  • McGill Association of Continuing Education Students
  • Medical Students’ Society
  • Music Undergraduate Students’ Association
  • Postgraduate Students’ Society
  • Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill
  • Science Undergraduate Society
  • Students’ Society of McGill University
  • The Daily
  • The Tribune



** You must communicate with us to update your current profile with one of the Students Association listed above – 514-398-7687. **

Please select the scenario that best describes your situation from the listing below:
Scenario 1: My event does not involve the selling or serving of alcohol
Scenario 2: My event involves the selling or serving of alcohol


Please take note that the following event types ARE NOT permitted on campus:
-Tutorials, sessions or activities related to the instruction of academic course material to either an individual student or a group of students.

*Anyone or group found to have falsely represented the nature of the booking will result in the immediate cancellation of the event.  The University may also impose sanctions, including the inability to reserve future spaces on campus.*