Welcome from the Associate Vice-Principal

Universities are—and must be—dynamic institutions. The rapid changes in our world today affect the way we teach, the way we learn, the way we communicate with each other. And they also affect the physical spaces of our universities and the services we offer.

Facilities Management and Ancillary Services strives to be at the forefront of this evolution, ensuring that our buildings, grounds, operations, and services are designed to meet the needs of the McGill community today and in the future. This means that every decision we make takes sustainability into account. We aim for efficiency in all that we do—energy efficiency, financial efficiency, and efficient use of space.

As our name suggests, we are here to serve McGill community members. We make sure that you are safe and secure on our campuses, that our buildings and infrastructure support your work and learning, and that our services—from printing to mailing to parking—work for you.  

In this fast-moving and complex world in which we live, no challenge has only one solution. At Facilities Management and Ancillary Services we are a proud team that thinks outside the box to provide creative, flexible, adaptable spaces and services for you. To do this is our mandate and our obligation. This means working closely and collaboratively with you. With you, we find ways to complete complex renovation projects on time and on budget. With you, we adapt to crises and emergencies such as the February 2013 flood. With you, we are able to find innovative ways to meet your needs in spite of challenges and constraints.    

Facilities Management and Ancillary Services is proud to be here for you—the students, faculty and staff of McGill University. Together we will ensure that McGill is prepared to fulfill our mission of teaching, research and service to society today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

Robert Couvrette, M.G.P.
Associate Vice-Principal, Facilities Management and Ancillary Services
1010 Sherbrooke St. West
10th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2R7
Tel.: 514-398-2926
Fax: 514-398-5191