luca.mascetti [at] (L)luca.mascetti [at] (uca Mascetti)
Supervisor Grounds and Vehicle Maintenance
514-398-4603 or Cell: 514-829-3335

Eric.Champagne [at] (Eric Champagne)
Horticulture Supervisor
514-398-5895 or Cell: 514-829-3336

To reach the Grounds Department via email: GroundsServicesOperations [at]

Grounds and Vehicle Maintenance

McGill University is fortunate to be placed in a beautiful park-like environment in the middle of downtown Montreal. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the campus space throughout the year. It is the Department of Grounds and Vehicle Maintenance that ensures this space for our enjoyment. Their mandate, shared with Building Services, is to create and maintain an environment that is safe, clean, functional and pleasant for all users.

Campus space

As the name suggests, The Department of Grounds is responsible for the year round maintenance and upkeep of our outside space. In spring, summer and fall the unit works on our gardens while the winter months are principally spent on snow removal.

This unit works closely with the University's Gardens and Grounds Committee to ensure appropriate design, layout and plantings for McGill space. In addition, and as part of the campus beautification process.

Mr. Champagne and his team maintain main campus green spaces, sidewalks, streets and parking areas. They take care of all horticulture and landscaping within McGill University's main campus and surroundings with the exception of areas associated with the Department of Athletics.

During the winter months they maintain our McGill streets, sidewalks, pathways, terraces, emergency exits, exterior parking lots and roofs ensuring they are clear of snow and ice. Thanks to this sometimes-grueling work our safety is ensured.