Special Services

Special Projects

The Special Projects team is a separate unit that compliments the current service that is provided by Custodial Services. This team is responsible for special needs on campus (such as floor stripping, carpet washing and other activities that cannot take place within normal time parameters).


Pest control

The University employs the services of an outside contractor to provide pest control services inside McGill buildings falling under the jurisdiction of Building Services.

Services can be obtained through call slips to the Facilities Call Center (514) 398-4555.


Snow Removal

Snow removal is a shared responsibility between the Departments of Grounds and Building Services.

  • Building Services employees remove the necessary amounts of snow to allow safe passage into buildings.
  • Grounds staff are responsible for the snow removal of all areas of campus including entrances and emergency exterior stairways, walkways, terraces, handicap ramps for both entrances and exit ways of buildings.


Pallets Disposal

As of August 1st, 2018, it is the responsibility of each Department, placing orders with Suppliers, to make all necessary arrangements with the Suppliers to make sure that all pallets are retrieved after the goods and/or equipment have been delivered.

No pallets are to be left in corridors or in receiving docks areas at anytime in any building on Campus.

Departments who did not make the necessary arrangements with their Suppliers to retrieve the pallets can make arrangements with the Grounds Department to have the pallets picked-up by placing a call with Facilities Call Centre (FCC) at 514-398-4555.

  • When opening the Work Order with FCC, the clients will be requested to provide their name, telephone number, department name, location in the building of where the pallets are ready for retrieval.
  • This is a chargeable service, FCC Dispatcher will request a FOAPAL number from the client placing the request to open the Work Order.

All questions concerning pallet pick-up and disposal can be directed to Building Services by sending an e-mail to BuildingServicesOperations [at] campus.mcgill.ca.


Waste and recycling

Daily maintenance

Building Services is responsible for the daily removal of generated building waste;

  • All waste generated from classrooms, cafeterias, offices, and non-hazardous waste from labs, washrooms and other waste items such as light bulbs or florescent tubes, and other, which are removed by Service Persons from Building Services.

Special requests

Building Services offers the community, on request only and subject to billable charges, the removal of large waste, which is defined as follows:

  • Large waste is building furniture, for desks, chairs, doors, construction materials such as concrete, plywood and other wood or metal materials and other large items, call the Facilities Call Center at (514) 398-4555.

Facilities Management, Department of Operations and Grounds on a weekly basis is responsible for the removal of all large waste.


Recycling requirements are contracted out on an annual basis. Special needs and requests can be obtained by placing a call to the Facilities Call Center at (514) 398-4555


Window cleaning

Window cleaning is done upon request from customers and a FOAPAL number will be required as this is a chargeable service.

All requests for window cleaning are to be sent via email to: fmd_building_serv_managers [at] campus.mcgill.ca (subject: Request%20for%20Window%20Cleaning) .

First aid

A first aid kit is supplied in all porters' offices on campus. It is available to all individuals who might need to use it. If first aid is performed due to an accident, staff should make sure a report form is filled out and the appropriate follow-up is taken.

Accident/Incident/Occupational Disease report forms should be kept in the Porters' Offices and made available freely. Completed forms must be signed by the appropriate District Supervisor, or by the Security Agent assisting at an accident.



Policy Concerning Postings in Unauthorized Locations

The central purpose of this policy is to discourage the posting of material in locations not designated for such purposes. This practice has, in the past, consumed the time of the Building Services custodial staff. It is not intended as a money making venture, but as a means of ensuring that all cleaning and custodial work that can be performed is carried out.

The policy concerning the removal of postings in unauthorized locations, which includes the distribution of promotional materials in unauthorized locations, was put into effect as of June 1, 1997.

All postings in unauthorized locations, such as pillars, glass, classrooms, doors, non-bulletin board wall areas, floors and ceilings, within McGill buildings are subject to removal at the discretion of Building Services and the respective Building Directors. The term posting includes all forms of non-official notices, advertising, publicity, and flyers distributed within classrooms, as well as other miscellaneous forms.


Sanitation Products used at McGill

In January 2002 the Department of Building Services and Grounds revised its purchasing policies in order to ensure the best possible ways of protecting our environment. All cleaning products used on campus are designated "Environmentally Friendly"; they are non-toxic, bio-degradable and meet stringent guidelines. In addition the Grounds Department uses salt substitute whenever feasible, thus protecting outdoor space. Further information is available by calling the department at 514-398-4560.