Design Services


The role of Design Services is to lead and direct internal design services and to oversee construction and renovation projects performed by external design consultants on McGill property or in McGill facilities.

Design Services will establish design and construction standards and ensure that McGill’s facilities provide an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and conducive to the learning process and which also enhances the teaching, research and public service functions of the University. 

Design Services will ensure that designs are completed on time, to the customer’s satisfaction, in compliance with all internal stakeholders’ requirements, to McGill’s standards, to building codes, and in accordance with all other applicable regulations and standards. 

Design Services acts as the designated representative of McGill for the presentation of material to the Architectural Advisory Committee for both in-house and external projects.

Design Services’ role is supported by McGill Financial Services Policies and Procedures that state under the heading ‘Capital Expenditures, Article 4, Special Equipment’ that “the design, management, and implementation of all renovation and construction projects is handled centrally by Facilities Operations and Development. Under no circumstances, should Faculties /Departments planning renovation work approach contractors directly.”

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