Job Posting: MSc in Family Medicine Graduate Program Director


Published: 15Mar2019

The Master's (MSc) Graduate Program Director (GPD) will be the principal academic contact between the program and graduate studies and has primary responsibility for all academic matters concerning students in the MSc program including specialized options, as described below. The MSc Thesis GPD reports directly to the Associate Chair (Research and Graduate Programs) as well as the Departmental Chair, the Associate Dean (Faculty of Medicine) for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The time commitment is estimated to be 1 day/week averaged over the year (0.20 FTE (full time equivalent) with a salary stipend. This is a three-year appointment with the possibility of renewal.

MSc Program Management & Curriculum

  • is the associate chair for the program’s Graduate Committee and works with the PhD Graduate Program Director (GPD) to set the agenda (and chair when the PhD GPD is not available)
  • facilitates the maintenance and enhancement of quality and timely completion of all students in the MSc graduate program and works together with the McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) and the department Graduate Program Committee (GPC) in achieving that goal
  • ensures a graduate-level learning environment
  • helps to mediate MSc student-supervisor conflicts (in case of conflicts between the GPD and his/her own students, should direct the student to the Department Chair or Associate Chair)
  • responsible for the management of graduate activities pertaining to MSc graduate students, in aiding the academic staff involved in graduate education, and for any other pedagogical, operational, and administrative issues that affect the MSc graduate students, i.e, monitoring progress, completion of milestones program, support of  FMGSS activities and representation for MSc trainees
  • monitors and implements MSc program design and practice, including modification of degree requirements and addition and deletion of graduate courses
  • ensures the preparation and filing of (at least) an annual progress report for each MSc student
  • is familiar with the program’s most recent regulations and review and ensures that any MSc graduate program information in public documents (website, brochures, etc.) is up to date and consistent with approved GPS regulations and information
  • works with the Financial Officer, the PhD Graduate Program Director, the Associate Chair and GPC for appropriate use of program budget

MSc Graduate Program Admissions & Funding

  • work with the Department to assess enrolment capacity and effectively communicate them to the departmental chair, Graduate Liaison (Associate or Assistant Deans), Faculty Dean, and GPS
  • determines that an appropriate MSc thesis Supervisor is available for the student’s declared field of research before nominating the student for admission (or, if these activities are the responsibility of a separate admission committee, provides this committee with any help they may need to do this job)
  • may be responsible for recruiting graduate students and nominating them for admission (or, if not, should provide the committee or individual responsible with any help necessary for them to do these jobs)
  • work with the Financial Officer, the PhD Graduate Program Director and GPC for appropriate use of graduate fund allocation and dispersion of MSc student stipends
  • works with GPS, the departmental chair, the Graduate Liaison of his/her Faculty (Associate or Assistant Deans), and the Faculty Dean to help in maximizing financial support for students, including making students aware of opportunities for external scholarships, etc.
  • oversees the application and ranking process for external awards for MSc (SSHRC, NSERC, CHIR, Quebec Scholarships)

MSc Graduate Program Relations with Trainees/Department/GPS/Faculty of Medicine

  • is expected to develop a good working relationship with the participants in the program (faculty, students, staff) and with staff, the PhD Director and the associate dean(s) in GPS
  • depending on the issue, represents the graduate student, academic staff in the program, GPS, or a combination of the above
  • liaises with external accreditation/licensing bodies about curriculum content (where required)
  • must be familiar with regulations affecting the graduate program (University Senate, GPS and local program regulations), GPS business processes concerning the graduate​​​​​​​ program, and must communicate these practices effectively and efficiently to the academic staff and graduate students
  • promotes GPS and program regulations and encourages academic staff, and especially new hires, to inform themselves of them
  • publicize and support supervisory and other GPS workshops for academic staff
  • understands the intent of the MSc program’s and GPS regulations and business processes and knows whom to approach in GPS regarding their interpretation

How to apply
Applicants should be current active members of the Graduate Programs in good standing with a demonstrated track record of graduate supervision as well as an understanding of the relevant policies and approaches embodied in the Master’s Thesis Program. Applications will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee comprised of the Department Chair Associate Chairs and program staff.

Please send a letter of interest with your academic CV to acad-hr.fammed [at] (Ms. Rosa Coppola) by March 25, 2019.

The expected start date is May 1, 2019.