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Article: Nous demandons l’annulation des hausses (French only)

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Published: 27 Feb 2018

Article: Med students look at health care through a sociological lens

By Philip Fine

Third-year McGill MDCM student Jessica Drury researched an important challenge facing health practitioners. It’s not one talked about during training, but it certainly affects a professional’s ability to best do her or his job: interruptions.

Drury documented her findings in a paper called Do Not Disturb: Managing interruptions during patient visits, written for a second-year MDCM class called Observing Healthcare in Action (OHA).

Published: 26 Feb 2018

Take advantage of the free IAM App for quick access to clinical tips!

The IAM mobile App provides the most relevant recommendations for the follow-up care of breast cancer survivors (cancer survivorship). Through the App, you will receive a weekly alert to a key survivorship recommendation, for a total of 21 recommendations.

Published: 29 Jan 2018

Congratulations Dr. Barry Slapcoff on receiving the CAME Certificate of Merit Award!

We wish to congratulate Dr. Barry Slapcoff, Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, on receiving the Canadian Association for Medical Education Certificate of Merit Award!

The aim of this award is to promote medical education in Canadian medical schools and to recognize and reward faculty’s commitment to medical education.

Published: 9 Jan 2018

The McGill Journal of Medicine's Special Issue focused on Primary Care in Quebec is now available online!

The McGill Journal of Medicine's Special Issue focused on Primary Care in Quebec is now available online. The Issue brings together diverse perspectives in the ongoing conversation regarding the future of primary care in Quebec. We are proud to present reviews, editorials, original research, artwork and reflections from leaders within the Department of Family Medicine as well as students in various health disciplines at McGill. 

Published: 7 Dec 2017

Senate bestows 150th Anniversary Medal on Dr. Bernard Lapointe

Dr. Bernard Lapointe, an Associate Professor of Palliative Medicine in McGill University’s Departments of Family Medicine and Oncology and an internationally recognized leader in his field, has been honoured with a 150th Anniversary Medal by the Senate of Canada.

Commenting on the award, Dr. Lapointe said he is “deeply honored for this recognition of my role in developing palliative care in this country.

Published: 7 Dec 2017

McGill University signs agreement to support general practitioners in Zhengzhou, China

On November 17, McGill University’s Department of Family Medicine signed an agreement with the Zhengzhou University School of Medicine and Zhengzhou Central Hospital in order to provide training for general practitioners in the coming year.

Published: 6 Dec 2017

Article featuring Dr. Bertrand Lebouché - MUHC clinic helps migrants and refugees living with HIV

To read the full article on CTV News' website, click here (English only).

Published: 6 Dec 2017

Dr. Pierre Pluye named Family Medicine Researcher of the Year by CFPC!

Dr. Pierre Pluye, Professor, Department of Family Medicine, is the recipient of the 2017 Family Medicine Researcher of the Year Award from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)!

This award has been designed to honour a family medicine researcher who has been a pivotal force in the definition, development, and dissemination of concepts central to the discipline of family medicine in Canada. Among other cutting-edge,

Published: 8 Nov 2017

McGill Family Medicine Department launches its Family Medicine Innovations in Learning initiative

Montreal, October 13, 2017 - With its new Family Medicine Innovations in Learning initiative (FMIL), McGill Family Medicine Department is proud to announce that it is now establishing partnerships across the world and online programs to share years of experience in care, teaching and research. 

Published: 13 Oct 2017

Article - Opinion: Quebec pilot project showed teamwork is key in Alzheimer's care

To read the complete article by Drs Howard Bergman and Isabelle Vedel, click here.

Published: 25 Sep 2017

Dr. Pierre Pluye elected Fellow of Canadian Academy of Health Sciences!

Dr. Pierre Pluye has been elected Fellow of Canadian Academy of Health Sciences for his innovative work on health information use and outcomes, mixed methods research and mixed studies reviews (integrating qualitative and quantitative evidence). Pierre is MD, PhD, Full Professor in our Department, FRQS Senior Research Scholar, and Director for Method Development, Quebec SPOR SUPPORT Unit.

Published: 15 Sep 2017

Article: Dr. Lakmali Werahera from Sri Lanka begins her residency in Val d'Or (French only)

To read the complete article, click here (in French only).

Published: 13 Sep 2017

The department would like to welcome Dr. Nebojsa Kovacina as Director of Quality Improvement!

Reporting directly to the Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, the QI Project Director will be mandated to develop a proposal for the Department’s Quality Improvement Program that will be presented to the Chair and the Executive Committee for input and approval. Dr. Neb Kovacina, who is a clinician teacher at St. Mary’s, will receive the support and collaboration of Dr. Isabelle Vedel (quality/practice improvement experience) and Dr.

Published: 7 Jul 2017

Article featuring Dr. Roland Grad - Critics push back against hepatitis C screening advice, say boomers should be tested

To read the full article on CTV News' website, click here (English only).

Published: 9 Jun 2017