As a family medicine resident, you have three months of elective time during the two year program; you are only permitted one month of unaccredited elective and this must take place in your second year. If you wish to organize an elective outside of North America, start 6 months ahead as there are several steps in the process:

  1. Contact the International Division of the Department of Family Medicine to advise us of your interest. In some cases, we can give you contact information and suggestions of sites/supervisors. E-mail : alison.doucet [at] mcgill.ca (Alison Doucet)
  2. Find your site and supervisor, who must be a certified physician from a reputable medical school.
  3. Establish the objectives for the rotation and obtain a letter from the supervisor agreeing with these and agreeing to evaluate the resident using McGill University’s resident evaluation form.
  4. Write a letter of intent to your Site Educational Director, stating objectives for your rotation, exact dates of the rotation, location and supervisor’s name. Be as detailed as possible.
  5. Once approved by your Site Educational Director, this request must be approved by Dr. Douglass Dalton, the Postgraduate Program Director at the Department of Family Medicine, and by the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Studies of McGill University. You simply need to submit your request to your Site Educational Director. The rest is taken care of by your Teaching Office.
  6. The final step is approval from the Collège des Médecins du Québec (CMQ). This will allow you to continue to receive a salary even if outside of Québec. They must receive the request at least 60 days before the elective start date.
  7. You will be informed by your Teaching Office if your elective has been approved.
  8. For more information, check:  here



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The Department of Family Medicine, Aga Khan University (AKU), welcomes McGill students and family medicine residents interested in working in a unique family medicine practice that is based in an urban yet relatively lower resource setting. 

For more information, please go to the 'Current Collaborations' section of our website. 


Gobal Health for Family Medicine Residents:  http://globalhealthresidents.snappages.com/