Ormstown Lodging


Lodging is provided by the establishment, and is located across the street from the hospital and the clinic.

Trainees are lodged in a "Shared Apartment". This 3-room apartment is shared by other students and medical professionals. Trainees have a private room and share common gender neutral areas (bathroom, kitchen, living room).

Trainees must book their lodging 3 weeks prior to the rotation by emailing the site coordinator.

Lodging can be available the evening before the first day of the rotation.

Trainees are expected at the Medical Centre (clinic) at 8:30 am on the first day of the rotation.

Note: It is important that everyone does their share to keep all common areas clean and safe at any time.


All accommodations are non-smoking environments.

Basic kitchen: Refrigerator; Microwave; Cooktop(no oven); Dishes; Utensils; Cookware; No freezer
Television set, cable:      Provided
Washer and dryer: Provided
Internet Access: Available (wireless): bring your laptop.
Telephone: Long distance calls forbidden
Linens: Supplied
Visitors: Not allowed
Pets: Not allowed
Deposit for keys: None
Parking: Available