TAKE NOTE: A comprehensive, master first-year grad checklist can be found on GradLife Orientation! GradLife Orientation is an online info hub for all new graduate students at McGill, available through myCoursesCampus Life & Engagement adds all new graduate students to the course during the summer. If you are a first-year graduate student at McGill and do not see GradLife Orientation in your myCourses list, please email cle [at]


Getting ready for university should be an exciting and worry free time in your life, so to help ease your preparations we’ve compiled a checklist of the most important things to do before arriving at McGill.

  1. Make sure to accept McGill's admission offer online via uApply and pay your deposit (note that the charge may vary on your program, consult this website).

  2. If you have been offered a space in residence, please fill out the appropriate surveys on Minerva (McGill's online registration system). If you haven't yet reserved a spot in Residences please contact the Residence Admissions Office at 514-398-6368 or by email housing.residences [at]

  3. Bookmark the Welcome to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website and check back often. Consider it your essential survival guide to McGill.

  4. Submit your legal documents to McGill’s Enrolment Services as soon as possible – preferably well in advance of the fee payment deadline, so that your tuition fees are billed at the correct rate right from the start.
    What documentation to provide depends on your legal status in Canada, and the level and length of your studies with us. You will find details at the following pages on the Legal Documents website:

  5. Log on to uApply to ensure that your application file is complete and that all applicable documents have been received. You can verify your registration and fee information and update your mailing address on Minerva. If in doubt, call Service Point at 514-398-7878.

  6. Activate your McGill email account so you don’t miss important messages. It is McGill University’s official means of communication.

  7. If you do not already have a permanent code, complete the Request for a Permanent Code Data Form and mail it back to Enrolment Services' Documentation Centre.
  8. Complete the mandatory Academic Integrity Tutorial available on myCourses, if you haven’t already.

  9. Register for courses.

  10. Request to be matched with a current, senior graduate student that you can email with your questions about starting at McGill as a new graduate student.

  11. Read through the Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities.

  12. Download the official McGill app on the App Store or Google Play. It will be your personal assistant throughout your time at McGill!