Before You Leave

What to do/what you need before taking the course

For Host Universities outside Quebec

Obtain a "Letter of Permission Authorizing Study Away in the Summer Session" (from Student Affairs Office).

For Quebec Host Universities

Obtain an "Authorization to Transfer Credits (IUT)" form (from Student Affairs Office).

  • Submit the appropriate form indicating your French academic background, provide copies of your completed transcripts from McGill, any other University, CEGEP attended and from your High School, including any advanced credit exams.
  • Have Centre form and other appropriate forms signed at the Centre.
  • Submit all documents (signed) to Student affairs Office to obtain faculty approval for STUDY AWAY.

Be aware of the following rules before registering

1. You must take courses offered by a university

Courses offered by a Quebec CEGEP are NOT eligible for transfer credits (e.g. Collège linguistique de Jonquière or Cegep de Rimouski or La Cité Collégiale d'Ottawa).

2. Transfer credits will be granted or withheld on the basis of...

  • the assessment of a detailed outline for each course
  • ​your post-test result

3. You will receive a maximum of 6 credits transfer for summer session courses...

... that are successfully completed AND approved by the French Language Centre (FLC) at McGill.

4. As there is NO GUARANTEE that credits will be transferred,

you are advised NOT to take FSL courses at a host university during the summer session to complete the requirements of your degree for Fall graduation.

5. If you intend to take a language course outside McGill AND do not have access to the syllabus yet, 

please fill out Part A of the form ''Form_transfer of credit AB'' and ask your teacher to fill out Part B.  Afterwards, your teacher will have to send the completed form by email to kevin.papin [at] (Prof. Kevin Papin.)  This only needs to be done if you haven't already submitted the course syllabus in your application.

For more information, please call the FLC Reception 514-398-8896.