Jeudis d'histoire

Program 2019 


31 January (@McGill): Pharo Sok

« Friends and enemies are born from our mouth » - Right Speech, Imagining Communities, and Surviving the Khmer Rouge in Cambodian Lifestorytelling (1931-2009)

7 February (@UQAM): Guillaume Teasdale

Prélude à l’exode canadien-français : du Bas-Canada au Détroit du lac Érié

21 February (@McGill): Simon Vickers

Jobs, Homes and the Right to Exist: Neighbourhood Activism in De-industrializing Toronto and Montreal, 1963-1989

14 March (@UQAM): Virginie Pineault

« Scandales sur scandales! » La construction médiatique du scandale dans La Patrie (1880-1915)

28 March (@McGill) : Lisa Pasolli

Redistributing Care: Taxation, Social Policy, and Child Care in Canada


Lectures will begin at 5 pm, at the following locations: 

UQAM: Pavillon Hubert-Aquin, 1255, Saint-Denis, room A-6290, 

McGill: Ferrier Building, 840, ave Dr Peinfield, room 230.

All are welcome!


This conference series  made possible thanks to the financial support from the FRQSC and McGill's Department of History