Richard H. Tomlinson

Left to right: Vijay Krishnan (Tomlinson Scholar), Dr. Richard Tomlinson, Josephine Iacarella and Richard Paul Cumming (Tomlinson Scholars).


Richard H. Tomlinson (PhD '48, McGill University) enjoyed a career in Chemistry that won him national recognition as a university teacher and success as an inventor and entrepreneur. In the year 2000, he created an exceptional series of recruitment student awards with the aim of giving the finest young minds the opportunity to study at McGill University.


Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowships

Established in 2000 through a very generous gift from Dr. Richard H. Tomlinson, these fellowships are awarded annually by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to recruit outstanding students into Doctoral degree programs.

Value & Duration: Up to $35,000 per year. Renewable twice.


  • The Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowships are for incoming students accepted into a doctoral degree at McGill University* with a start date of Fall2018. Students currently enrolled at McGill, or whose latest degree was completed or in progress at McGill, are ineligible. Former McGill students who later completed a graduate degree elsewhere may apply. Visiting students at McGill, who are completing the requirements for a degree from another university, may apply.
  • Only applicants with a 1st class academic record. McGill considers a first-class GPA to be 3.7 (or 3.5 in Law) in each of the last two (2) years of full-time study at the undergraduate and post-graduate level.

Application Process and Required Documents

Applicants must submit their application and supporting documents to the academic unit where they intend to study.

Your application package must include:

  1. Application Form 
  2. Two Reference Letters
    • Provide letters from two external referees commenting on the applicant's academic/research accomplishments and potential.
  3. Proposed Supervisor's Statement
    • Must include comments on how the applicant's proposed project integrates with the supervisor's research program.
    • Must indicate the source(s) of funding available for the research program.
    • Must address available resources, such as space, facilities, equipment, and access to required expertise.
  4. All official transcripts from university level studies (graduate and undergraduate)
    • Official transcripts or certified copies
    • Must include McGill GPA conversion

Academic Unit Nomination Process and Required Documents

Academic unit may submit a maximum of  1 nomination. Your nomination package must include:

  1. PDF icon Tomlinson Nomination Form 2018-19
    • including a brief endorsement of the candidate for the award and of the proposed supervisor and research group for the proposed project (provided by the GPD or Chair).
  2. Candidate's Application package (in the order presented in "Application Process and Required Documents" section)
  3. A copy of the decision form or letter showing acceptance for admission from uApply


Academic Unit must submit a single pdf file containing all documents listed above in order via email to GPS (gradcomp.gps [at]


Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria Weightings (%)
Academic Excellence 35
Research Ability or Potential 40
Communication, Interpersonal and Leadership Abilities  5
Quality of the Chosen Research Environment 20


Application Deadlines

Deadline for candidates to submit to unit May 10th, 2018 (confirm with unit)
Deadline for units to submit to GPS May 17th, 2018
Results Announcement July 2018

Note: Tomlinson Scholars who accept a fellowship from an agency external to McGill (federal or provincial) will be entitled to one-half the full value of the Tomlinson Fellowship up to a maximum of $50,000 total, per year.

Tomlinson Talks

"The Tomlinson Talks" is a multidisciplinary lecture series featuring presentations by graduate and postdoctoral award holders. The inaugural event of this series was held in November 2002.

Dr. Richard H. Tomlinson's exceptional series of graduate student awards give the finest young minds the opportunity to study at McGill University. On behalf the Tomlinson Scholars, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies thanks him for ongoing generous support.


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