The document Commitments of Postdoctoral Fellows and Supervisors provides the general principles governing the postdoc-supervisor relationship. All individuals involved with postdoctoral education must read this document prior to completing the Letter of Agreement, and should familiarize themselves with the content in order to get the most out of the training experience.

Responsibilities of postdoctoral researchers

Postdocs’ responsibilities entail that they:

*Additional important research guidelines, policies and resources, including those pertaining to research progress tracking, intellectual property and research ethics/safety, should also be consulted. The information outlined applies to both graduate students and postdoctorals. 

Responsibilities of supervisors & departments/academic units

Please see the Faculty/Staff section for a complete breakdown of the responsibilities of supervisors and departments/units as they pertain to postdoctoral education.

Conflict resolution

Failure on the part of the postdoc or supervisor to fulfill their responsibilities and commitments is considered to be a breach of the Letter of Agreement. Any issues or conflicts that may arise between a supervisor and postdoc, including those that require disciplinary action, should be dealt with in essentially the same matter as similar issues would be dealt with for graduate students.

  • The supervisor and postdoc should meet to endeavour resolving the issue.
  • If unresolved, the Graduate Program Director and/or Department Chair should be consulted.
  • If the matter requires further action, the Office of the Dean or the Office of the Ombudsperson should be contacted.