Frequently Asked Questions

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Where and when can I pick up my order?

The pickup location for Shag Shop orders is located on McGill's downtown campus. Pickup times are Monday to Fridays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, however these hours are subject to change.

How can I pay?

The pickup location accepts debit and credit card (Visa or MasterCard). We do not accept cash. The Shag Shop is a service under Student Health Service of McGill, and their policy does not accept cash payments. Payments are not linked to student accounts, as to remain anonymous, and the transaction will come up on your statement as "McGill Health Promotion".

Will my order be anonymous?

Orders through the Shag Shop cannot be called completely anonymous because you must include an email address to be reached at, however orders are kept 100% confidential. Once an order has been received, a confirmation email is sent out indicating the exact pickup location, as well as an order number. Order numbers are used to ensure that no name is attached to any order. The orders are also packaged into discreet brown paper bags to assure anonymity. 

How do I book an STI test with McGill or an off-campus clinic? Do I need to see a gynaecologist?

You may find information on booking STI testing with McGill or off-campus clinics here, under "STI Testing". You do not need a gynaecologist for a routine STI test, all nurses at the McGill Student Health Service are trained to do so, or you may visit a general practioner.

Why have the condom prices increased?

Unfortunately, due to regulations enforced by Health Canada, we are no longer able to sell condoms individually and must sell them instead in pack sizes, to ensure quality of the product. For this reason, the prices for condoms have increased as pack sizes cost more money to package, and therefore are sold at a higher price.  

Is there anywhere else on campus where I can order other types of sexual health products?

There are two other options on campus for ordering sexual health products. The first is the Union For Gender Empowerment, via their co-op program. The second is run by Queer McGill. They place an order with Pink Cherry usually about once a month, and the orders can be picked up from the Queer McGill office. In order to see when they are collecting orders, join their Facebook group for regular updates.  Free condoms are also provided across campus in baskets, stocked by the Shag Shop. 

Why do you carry fewer types of condoms compared to last year?

Similarly to why condom prices have increased, due to regulations enforced by Health Canada, we are no longer able to sell condoms individually and must sell them instead in pack sizes.  For this reason, this limits our stock to condoms that are sold in these pack sizes in Canada. Any type of condom that we no longer carry is mosty likely due to the fact that there are no Canadian suppliers that sell said condom types in pack sizes.