Employment confirmation letter

To obtain a letter confirming your employment and/or salary, go to Minerva and login using your McGill ID and PIN.

From the MAIN MENU bar click on:

  • Employee menu
  • Scroll down to "Employment Confirmation Letters"
  • Select the letter you require

No signature is provided on the letter. This is not a concern. Take the letter to the institution that has requested it and they may phone the number provided for further confirmation if necessary. This feature provides an immediate result.

If you want the letter to be prepared and signed by Human Resources, you must first make a written request by filling out an Authorisation to Release Confidential Information form. You may complete this form directly at our reception desk, or obtain a copy from Shared Services by calling 398-8000.

The written request for the letter of authorisation may also be done by email, but only via your McGill email account.

Once your signed authorisation has been received, it will take a minimum of 2 working days to issue the confirmation letter. We will contact you when the letter is ready; you may either pick it up at our reception desk, or we can send it to you via internal mail or fax.

If this letter of confirmation is requested by a third party (such as a bank), we require your written authorisation before releasing any information. You must make a written request by filling out an Authorisation to Release Confidential Information form.