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2008-2009 Nora Wong Aimee Ryan  
2009-2010 Serge Melancon Indra Gupta  
2010-2011 Alessandra Duncan Jacek Majewski  
2011-2012 David Rosenblatt Patricia Tonin  
2012-2013 Stephanie Fox Ken Dewar Mary Fujiawara
2013-2014 Walla Al-Hertani Eric Shoubridge  
2014-2015 Laurence Baret Celia Greenwood  
2015-2016 Maria Daniela D'Agostino Yann Joly  

Call for Nominations for 2016-2017 Clinical and Research Faculty Teaching Awards

Since 2008, the Department has administered Teaching Awards in recognition of outstanding contributions in the teaching, supervision and/or mentorship of students to one member of the clinical and one member of research faculty.

On behalf of the Department, the Faculty Awards Committee is seeking nominations for this year’s award.

Nominating Process

Anyone in the Department – faculty, staff, students, residents, and fellows – may submit a nomination. Nominations may be submitted by individuals or by groups (e.g. students of Professor X). Contributions to consider may include:

- Supervision of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows;
- Supervision of clinical rotations for Medical Genetics fellows, residents, genetic counselling students or medical students;
- Teaching in undergraduate and/or graduate courses, in Medical School and Genetic Counselling Program courses, lectures, small group sessions, practical sessions, or other formal type of teaching;
- Supervision of a student’s Independent Studies project, graduate thesis, or participating in an examination or thesis committee;

The Faculty Awards Committee will review the applications in June. Awards will be presented at the annual Graduate Student Orientation session, which is usually held in late August. Nominators (or a delegate) are expected to participate in the presentation of the awards.

To nominate a candidate, please complete the nomination form at the bottom of this page by Friday, May 5th, 2017 and send it to:

ross.mackay [at] (Ross MacKay)

We hope that all members of the Department will give serious consideration to nominating one or more of their outstanding colleagues, teachers and mentors.

On a final note, we would again, like to extend our congratulations to the 2015-16 recipients:


Maria Daniela D'Agostino (Clinical Award)

Yann Joly (Research Award)


Thank you,

The Faculty Awards Committee

Patricia Tonin (Chair)

Celia Greenwood (Basic Science Faculty Representative)

Stephanie Fox (Clinical Faculty Representative)

Thomas Kitzler (Medical Genetics Representative)

Emma Brasell (Human Genetics Student Society Representative)