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The Centre for Research in Air and Space Law is proud to announce our new partnership with WS Hein to streamline the publication, marketing and distribution of the Centre’s publications. All of the Centre’s past, present and future publications, including the Centre’s flagship publication, The Annals of Air and Space Law, are now available for purchase or for reading at the click of a button on HeinOnline’s website.

For more information about HeinOnline and how to purchase or gain access to all volumes of the Annals, please see the attached flyer.


Volume XLI (2016) $175.00
Volume XL (2015) *** $ 175.00
Volume XXXIX (2014) *** $175.00
Volume XXXVIII (2013) *** $150.00
Volume XXXVII (2012) *** $150.00
Volume XXXVI (2011) $150.00
Volume XXXV, set of books I & II (2010) $175.00
Volume XXXIV (2009) $175.00
Volume XXXIII (2008) $125.00
Volume XXXII (2007) $125.00
Volume XXXI (2006) $125.00
CD-ROM version (includes all the material in Part I* and II** of Volume XXX and many more air law instruments and lots of cases) $100.00
Volume XXX (2005), Part II (International Space Law: Conventions, Treaties and other Material ) $75.00
Volume XXX (2005), Part I (International Air Law: Conventions, Treaties and other Material) $125.00
Volume XXIX (2004) $125.00
Volume XXVIII (2003) $125.00
Volume XXVII (2002) $125.00
Volume XXVI (2001) $100.00
Volume XXV (2000) $100.00
Volume XXIV (1999) $100.00
Volume XXIII (1998) $100.00
Volume XXII (1997), Parts I & II (2 books) $150.00 (set)
Volume XXI (1996) , Parts I & II (2 books) $120.00 (set)
Volume XX (1995), Parts I & II (2 books) $120.00 (set)
Volume XIX (1994), Parts I & II (2 books) $120.00 (set)
Volume XVIII (1993), Parts I & II (2 books) $110.00 (set)
Volume XVII (1992), Parts I & II (2 books) $80.00 (set)
Volume XIV ('89), Volume XV ('90), Volume XVI ('91) $60.00 (each)
Volumes I (1976) to XIII (1988) $50.00 (each)

* except the comparison table: Warsaw Convention
** except the space security index and studies and reports on space law


How to order


Ordering past volumes

To order past volumes, please visit HeinOnline.

Ordering articles

It is also possible to order the particular article(s) that you need. Please consult the Annals of Air & Space Law - Comprehensive Index (1982-2009) [.pdf] to find the particular article, author or topic of your choice. To place an order for particular article(s), kindly fill in the Articles Order Form [.docx].  

Fax your order form(s) to +1 514-398-8197 or send the order form to the attention of maria.damico [at] (subject: Annals%20order) (Maria D'Amico).