Al Waqa: For community development


Al-Waqa: For community development was founded in May 2011 as an independent not-for-profit organization to implement the rights-based community practice (RBCP) model in Jordan.

Drawing on 10 years of professional experience in implementing similar initiatives in Amman, Al-Waqa's new centre, opened in August 2011, is working with the Ashrafiyah community to create positive social change, driven by the members of the community themselves.

Waqa helps Syrian refugees claim their rights while working to help women victims of violence - 2014

Jordan is now home to some one million Syrian refugees, with up to 200,000 in Amman. Waqa has launched a project to meet urgent psychological, legal and knowledge-based needs of the growing Syrian refugee community of East Amman. By bringing in clinical psychologists and legal advocates, and undertaking outreach to the refugee community, they popularize knowledge. Managed by a storefront volunteer, the program refers local Syrian refugees to service providers, part of a network of 15 organizations that Waqa has assembled, while also providing psychological counseling and literacy programs. Meanwhile, the highly successful violence against women program, whose funding has run out, continues to operate through the 10 trained community volunteer liaison officers who provide weekly lectures as well as referrals. More than 1100 individual women have been helped through the program.

Please see below for a report from the field on some of Waqa's accomplishments. 

Waqa aims to reduce inequality by promoting the entitlements of marginalized and disadvantaged groups and assisting the community in finding solutions to collective problems. Its social, medical and educational programs reach all sections of society, especially orphans, youth, the elderly, women and families.

Activities of the centre include:

  • Literacy training
  • Referral services
  • Legal counseling
  • Human rights education
  • Support for single mothers
  • Volunteer skills exchange
  • IT skills training for women
  • Family visitation

The founders of Al-Waqa previously developed two centres in Amman, in Sweileh and Ashrafiyeh. 

Below is a video outlining the work of the first CDC established in Jordan, in the Sweileh neighbourhood, then directed by Talal Qdah.

Al-Waqa founding board of directors:

Mrs Eman Nimri, President, Al-Waqa; Consultant with AED/CSP Strengthening Civil Society Program
Mr Talal Qdah, Senior Consultant, Al-Waqa; Lecturer, University of Jordan
Mr Qais Tarawneh, Vice President, Al-Waqa

talal_qdah [at] (Talal Qdah) 

Senior Consultant, Al-Waqa for training and community development
Talal has made the rights-based model in Jordan the success it is today. He directed the first Amman-based centre in Sweileh from shortly after its founding through 2008, and was instrumental in getting the Ashrafieh CDC off the ground in 2007, remaining there through 2010. The two centres have dealt with nearly 20,000 cases each year. Talal, an ICAN fellowship alumnus (2002), teaches in the Department of Social Work at the University of Jordan. He recently completed his PhD (2014), with a focus on RBCP work in Jordan over the past decade. Today he is at the helm of a new, independent RBCP centre in Eastern Amman, Al-Waqa for community development. It opened its doors in September 2011.