Women's Studies (Closed to New Students as of Fall 2016)

*CURRENT WOMEN'S STUDIES STUDENTS: WMST degrees are no longer declarable on Minerva, if you switch your degree program you will not be able to switch back*

NOTE: Current students enrolled in Women's Studies and wishing to graduate must complete the program and graduate by Summer 2019. All undergraduate students entering the program in Fall 2016 should refer to the Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice Studies program as no new students will be admitted to Women's Studies. For information about WMST course equivalency under the GSFS course code, please refer to this page. For information about switching into the GSFS program, please contact andrew.folco [at] mcgill.ca (Andrew Folco).

For historical purposes, information on the Women's Studies program is printed below.

Women’s Studies at McGill University is a diverse and interdisciplinary program that links feminist theoretical and methodological foundations with cutting-edge developments in the broad fields of gender, feminist, and queer studies. Women's Studies programs are interdisciplinary and bring to light contemporary and historical critical issues centered on women, gender and/or feminism. The program provides students with opportunities to explore the meanings and intersections of such categories as gender, race, class, sexual orientation, age, ability, citizenship, and national identity for example, and to examine how such categories might inform and reproduce power relationships.

We offer undergraduates the opportunity to choose a Minor, Major, Honours, or Joint Honours concentration in Women’s Studies. We also have an outstanding Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies. Issues in feminist philosophy, gender and disability studies, gender and race in Canada, queer cultures and modernity, gender and law, feminist theory and research, and feminist theories of identity are among the subjects of our diverse course offerings. In all of these courses we value open discussion and encourage a wide range of positions and perspectives.

Students must see an advisor in Women's Studies, at a minimum, upon registering in WMST and prior to selecting courses for the final year of study. Please contact andrew.folco [at] mcgill.ca (Andrew Folco), the IGSF Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator, to book an advising appointment.

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In addition to this solid, academic foundation in Women’s Studies, we offer opportunities for hands-on training. Students can undertake an internship related to Women’s Studies and write a final paper on their practical experience. Independent study options are also possible for students who wish to explore a particular topic or body of knowledge in-depth.

A degree in Women’s Studies offers compelling insight into contemporary society and politics, bringing to the fore issues such as equality, diversity, multiculturalism and representation, which are crucial issues in today’s rapidly changing and globalizing labour market. Women’s Studies graduates go on to pursue careers in professions such as Law, Medicine, Architecture, Journalism and Engineering; take on leadership roles in municipal, provincial, and national governments; shape development agencies and policies; become highly successful artists in every field; and accept positions in the business world.

"Pursuing a minor in Women's Studies at McGill allowed me to consider topics, themes, and approaches to material I wouldn't have otherwise imagined. Now my research in gender and the history of cookbooks specifically continues to be informed by the courses I took as an undergraduate student. It certainly laid a rich grounding."
--Lara Rabinovitch, McGill BA (First-Class Honours) 2002 

"The most rewarding aspect of teaching Introduction to Women's Studies is not to 'convert' students, but rather to teach them that feminism is a viable option."
--Dima Ayoub, McGill PhD candidate, Islamic Studies & Gender and Women’s Studies; Taught the WMST 200 'Introduction to Women’s Studies' course in the summer semesters of 2008, 2009 and 2010

There are four undergraduate programs offered in Women's Studies at McGill University; Minor Concentration, Major Concentration, Honours and Joint Honours. The program requirements consist of required courses and complementary courses. Complementary courses are identified along two streams: A and B. To fulfill program requirements, students must take a minimum number of credits in each stream. Please note that any course that appears in more than one stream may be counted once only.

The Women's Studies Programs are administered through the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF) located on Peel Street. The administration of all academic matters regarding the Women's Studies Programs at McGill falls under the responsibility of the Women's Studies Advisory Committee (WSAC). The WSAC meets regularly to evaluate requirements, to respond to student requests, and to develop the program further.