Each year, the Institute for Health and Social Policy hosts a series of events. These include conferences and workshops with national and global participation, as well as a seminar series for the local community of students, faculty, staff, and others. These events explore what is known about how social and environmental conditions impact on health and how this knowledge can be translated into policies and programs that make a difference. If you are interested in being added to our mailing list for IHSP event series, please send us an admincoord.ihsp [at] (email).

For more detailed information about our upcoming SEMINARS, please visit our seminars page here.

2019 Events

April 29th-May 3rd

IHSP Research to Policy Dragon’s Den
Call for applications is now open! More information here


3 Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry - "What is Disability? Theoretical Strategies to Define a Contested Concept" RSVP HERE


April 3

“More than a Footnote: Women and Girls with Disabilities in Canada.”
More information or RSVP HERE
Co-sponsored by the McGill Nursing Collaborative for Education and Innovation in Patient and Family-Centred Care, the McGill Women’s Health Advocacy Club, the Disabled Women’s Network (DAWN) Canada and the Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP)


March 26 

Panel Discussion - "Approaches to Universal Health Care: Perspectives from Taiwan"
Co-hosted by the Institute for Health and Social Policy and the Department of East Asian Studies and sponsored by TECO.







21 Chris Barrington-Leigh - "What Makes Societies Happy? The Dawn of Happiness-guided Policy" RSVP HERE













14 Adam Cureton - "Expressing Respect for People with Disabilities in Clinical Settings"











5 Daniel Béland - "Older and Wiser? Reflections on the Past and Future of Canada's Public Pension System"