Healthier Societies Initiative

Healthcare expenditures are rising unsustainably in Canada, the United States, and most leading economies. Simultaneously, there are growing gaps in meeting health care needs. Turning the current situation around will require health and social policies that effectively prevent illnesses and injuries, as well as efficient health care provision and financing systems to treat them. Initiated through the leadership and generosity of McGill’s Chancellor, H. Arnold Steinberg, CM, IHSP’s Healthier Societies Initiative (HSI)  aims to informs the public on health care issues relating to increasing costs, health quality, and access in Canada and other leading economies by mapping the biggest problem areas and greatest successes in the world's leading economies, as well as rigorously examining and systematically learning from the differences among countries in terms of which are performing well and which are struggling.

HSI is excited to launch a new website that provides resources to help the public better understand their health systems, both through comparisons with other countries and sub-nationally.


By providing user-friendly, interactive visual tools, the HSI website allows users to compare health policies across provinces, graph health care trends, and identify areas with greatest need. Additionally, the website identifies best practices for improving public health by addressing chronic conditions like diabetes and examines how these practices are being implemented across provinces.