Program Details

The Graduate Award Program meets twice per month. In addition, GAP students are encouraged to become a part of the IHSP community by attending the IHSP’s Practice to Policy and Evidence to Policy Seminar Series, meeting with interns, and using the student workspace at the IHSP.  The first 4 to 5 sessions focus on training in knowledge translation, effective communication across disciplines, and the policy process.  Each GAP student is responsible for leading one seminar between November and April. These seminars are a chance for students to bring a policy focus to their existing research, and to solicit feedback from the IHSP community. 

Training sessions may include:

  • Challenges for researchers in health and social policy
  • What is Knowledge Transfer and how do you do it?
  • Speaking across disciplines: How do you share dense research with a broad audience?
  • How do early career academics enter the workforce?  What other careers are available for graduate students interested in health and social policy?
  • How do you network effectively?

Duration and payment

  • The program starts in September and ends in late April.   A stipend of $4000 will be awarded.


  • Attend GAP seminars twice per month
  • Engage in the life of the Institute by attending seminars
  • Present findings with a policy focus
  • Meet with IHSP interns at least twice