Academic Opportunities

Indigenous Studies 200 - Course Lecturer

Please note that Course Lecturers have signed their first Collective Agreement on 30 October 2015, available here.

Should you wish to apply for the INDG 200 Course Lecturer position, please email your complete application in a single PDF file to Prof. Christa Scholtz, Program Director, by June 15, 2018.

All candidates must include the following in their application:

1) Appendix 11 – Application Form,” available in the Collective Agreement, pages 91-92;
2) A cover letter;
3) A proposed course outline or full syllabus;
4) Student evaluations (if available).

In addition,

a) Candidates who have previously taught in the Department must include an updated curriculum vitae. International applicants must also submit a copy of a valid work permit if the most recently submitted work permit has expired.
b) New candidates who have never taught in the Department must submit a curriculum vitae. International applicants must also submit a copy of a valid work permit.