Drop-In Hours

Please Note that ISS does NOT provide advising on Permanent Residence (PR). If you are interested in applying for PR, please consult our Permanent Residence information and resource page.

International Student Advising 

Downtown Campus

Macdonald Campus 

Brown Building, East Wing, Room 5100

Student Services, Centennial Centre, Room 124

Brown Building, East Wing, Suite 5100 Alain Laforest

Students are seen on a first come, first served basis. No appointments are necessary.

Student Services, Centennial Centre, Room 124

Student are seen on a drop-in basis, or they can book an appointment by calling 514-398-7992

BEFORE your drop-in appointment, please:

  1. Do your research by consulting relevant sections of the ISS website

  2. Bring all relevant documentation (e.g. Passport, CAQ, Study Permit, etc.)

When should I see an Advisor?

If you were unable to find the answers to your questions on the ISSImmigration Canada (IRCC), or Immigration Quebec websites, or if you have a particularly complex problem, you are welcome to meet with one of our International Student Advisors.

Who can see an Advisor?

All undergraduate and graduate degree students, exchange students, visiting students, post-doctoral fellows, and other students who have opted in to Student Services fees

NOTE: Continuing Studies students must contact the School of Continuing Studies.(* Unless they have opted in to Student Services fees)