United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Colombia (UNHCR) (Summer 2018)

UNHCR in Colombia is increasingly facing a mixed situation which includes growing number of persons with international protection needs and continued high numbers of IDPs. This will require a more integrated approach in border areas affected by new displacements and cross-border movements at the same time. The complex context during the coming year and the rapidly evolving humanitarian situation will have an impact on the implementation of the protection and durable solutions strategy. It should also be noted that UNHCR will continue to play an important role in peace-building, with a strong focus on the search for durable solutions as an essential contribution to sustainable peace. 


  • Must be an undergraduate or graduate McGill student, returning to their current registered faculty in fall 2018.
  • Must possess language proficiency in English and Spanish (candidates should be capable of answering interview questions in Spanish).

Please note: If you are applying to a second degree at McGill and waiting for a response, you must hold a confirmation of acceptance by the application deadline and include it with your application material.

The host organization is currently recruiting one McGill intern for summer 2018. For more information about the positions, requirements, and how to apply, download the internship postings (you may only apply to one position, please indicate the position that interests you in your cover letter):

PDF icon UNHCR Colombia - Finance, HR, Administration Internship - Summer 2018 [.pdf]

PDF icon UNHCR Colombia - Durable Solutions Internship - Summer 2018 [.pdf]

Carefully read application instructions before submitting your documents. Completed applications should be submitted via email to ion [at] mcgill.ca


SELECTION: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, within two weeks of application deadline. Please do not email to inquire about the status of your application. Shortlisted candidates will be required to provide a full commitment to the internship selection process by the UNHCR and waive any other internship opportunity at this time.

A formal acceptance of an ION internship is a final decision, and under no circumstances (unless health or family-related) can a student withdraw from the internship after accepting. The consequence of this would be refusal of candidature for future ION internship opportunities. Please remember, revoking a spot in one of the organizations means also revoking it from another student who might have had the opportunity to take it.

Successful candidates may be eligible for an award valued at $4,000-$6,000.

Successful candidates are required to attend the following sessions:

  • Interns Meeting
  • Cross-Cultural Workshop
  • Interns Responsibilities and Guidelines
  • University-Wide Pre-Departure Session
  • Internship Workshop: Success in a Professional Environment
  • Reception for Awards Recipients
  • Internship Debriefing Session (September)