Indian Ocean World

Team 8- Kalacska

Team 8: The MCRI Database and Bayesian Network Analysis   Example of a Bayesian Network model for Human-Environment interactions in the IOW  

Team 6- Unruh

Team 6: Human-Environment Interaction in the Modern Era...

Team 5- Gillon

Team 5: Currents of Exchange in the IOW   Jennifer Craig and Emil Bermisera with the shipwreck San Diego beads.   Team 5 examines currents of exchange in the IOW, focussing on four main themes:

Team 3- Schottenhammer

Team 3: East Asian Mediterranean   Bankoku sōzu 萬國總圖, Nagasaki, 1671   Team 3 focuses on three main themes:

Team 10- Luginaah

Team 10: Environment, Health and Medicine in the IOW   Research on climate change adaption and human health in coastal Cambodia, 2013   Team 10 researches 4 main themes in the modern era:

Team 7- Damodaran

Team 7: IOW Paleoclimate   View of Krakatoa during the Earlier Stage of the Eruption, 27th of May, 1883  

Team 2- Warren

Team 2: Southeast Asia’s Global Economy. Climate and the Impact of Natural Hazards from the 10th to 21st Centuries   Sudden explosion of volcano in Java 1939 Team 2 examines 3 main issues:


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Map of Human-Environment events for Madagascar during the 18th century based on the IOW Database