Finding a Supervisor

IPN Supervisor Database

Currently, more than 230 Professors from various departments, hospitals and research institutes are supervisors in the IPN. Use the database to find your graduate supervisor!

It is not compulsory to have found a supervisor at the time of application. However, all students must find an IPN supervisor with stipend funding (although IPN always encourages all its students to apply for external awards) before they can enter the program. Our office will work to ensure that all applicants have an equal opportunity of obtaining a lab placement/supervisor by listing acceptable files on our database for supervisors to view; however, it is ultimately the responsibility of applicants and researchers to make contact with each other to arrange for such placements.

The IPN Letter of Understanding between Supervisor and Student

Ensure you know the responsibilities of supervisor and student before you start in the IPN. IPN has implemented a Letter of Understanding (LoU) that must be accepted by student and supervisor, before the supervisor may take on the student. Once filled out by the supervisor, the letter should detail what is expected of the student, e.g. the number of hours to work in the lab, conference attendance policy, lab policy on publications etc. The LoU was introduced to protect both student and supervisor in case of conflict, and also to clarify the nature of how each lab is run. Students MUST read this carefully. If a student thinks some of the expectations are unreasonable, they should be negotiated with the supervisor before the student agrees to the letter. A blank copy of the Letter of Understanding can be found here: mcgill_ipn_lou_signup_form.pdf