IT Communications

IT Communications Organization ChartIT Communications - Organization Chart

IT Communications (IT COM) provides effective IT training practices, communication methods and web publication services based on McGill’s user needs and preferences. Our unit is also responsible for creating strategic communication capabilities at McGill by implementing communication and change management guidelines, standards, tools/channels and processes.

IT Training

  • Develops instructor-led workshops, and self-paced online training content for administrative systems and centrally provided IT services.
  • Delivers hands-on workshops for all staff, faculty and IT personnel.
  • Provides over 30 courses for systems including Banner, Content Management System, Web Management System, Teaching & Learning Technologies, uApply, Surveys, Information Security

IT Communications and Documentation

  • Builds strategies to effectively communicate and promote awareness of IT-related services and initiatives, system status (maintenance, outages, etc.), survey results and other feedback.
  • Uses a variety of media channels including websites, web forms, knowledge base, targeted emails, posters, blogs, campus display screens, print and promotional activities
  • Maintains a comprehensive catalog of all IT services and end user documentation on all centrally-provided IT services, through the IT Knowledge Base.


Web Service Group

  • Manages the Web Publishing Services, which includes the McGill Web Management System (WMS) with nearly 800 websites, as well as Blogs and Publications services (running on the WordPress platform).

  • Works closely with website owners and managers across all faculties, departments, and front-line service units to promote web publishing and content display options and to optimize site architecture and organization based on standards and best practices.

  • Maintains the core Drupal web content management system and develops new functionality to address the common needs of the entire McGill web publishing community.


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