Project Management Office

Project Management Office - Organization ChartProject Management Office - Organization Chart

The IT Project Management Office (PMO) own, manage, and champion project management services and practices for IT Services at McGill. They:

  1. Maintain project references (Own)
    The PMO define the project lifecycle reference model, a project management methodology including all necessary templates, and other tools required to support project management services within IT Services.
  2. Facilitate project delivery (Manage)
    The PMO own, manage, and assign Project Managers based on project needs and complexity. The PMO manage regular project reviews with a dashboard including a gating process for all active projects to assure project management quality. The PMO provide strategic support for project selection, categorization and prioritization.
  3. Provide project guidance & support (Champion)
    The PMO support all Project Managers through on-going training initiatives, coaching and mentoring, and share its knowledge base and experience to help promote project management best practices within IT Services.

Contact us: To view PMO employee names and contact information, consult our Staff Directory