Recruitment to Retirement Program picks up speed


Over the past few months, you may have heard some buzz about the Recruitment to Retirement Program, aka "R2R". This new program will replace the current Banner Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and the Payroll One-Time Payment System (POPS), and will effectively replace much of the functionality employees currently access through Minerva. It's a very wide-reaching program, which will affect every McGill employee when it is deployed.

The new system selected, "Workday", is a best-in-breed Software as a Service (SaaS), currently being used by several large universities as well as major corporations in Canada and the U.S. The project team is currently working with an integrator, Mercer, to configure it according to detailed requirement specifications that have been developed over the past year, in consultation with stakeholders across all faculties and departments throughout the University.

To learn more about the progress of the R2R program, and when you can expect to see changes that affect you, visit the Recruitment to Retirement website and check out the Blog section for monthly articles of interest to the community.

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