McGill internal GitHub

Since January 2018, McGill is piloting McGill internal GitHub for use in classes and research. McGill internal GitHub is currently available to pilot phase participants, including students, instructors and anyone performing academic, non-profit research. After a successful 2018, we are extending the pilot project to the Winter 2019 semester.

To inform the community about some of the benefits of using McGill internal GitHub, like how to use AD Groups and the GitHub Classroom Module to automate repository creation and access control, we can deliver demos of the GitHub Classroom Module upon request. To request a demo, fill the Registration for the McGill internal GitHub pilot project form, and specify in the Additional questions or comments field that you would like to attend a demo of the GitHub Classroom Module.

There are available spots in the pilot project for additional courses in the Winter 2019 semester. If you are interested in participating in the McGill internal GitHub pilot project for Winter 2019, either in the context of a course or a research project, please fill this request form.

What is GitHub?

GitHub logoGitHub is a centrally managed version control system that provides the possibility of creating on demand, private repositories for use in courses and research, and enables effective ways of tracking changes in source codes, websites and other documents. GitHub is effective for group collaboration, and offers a robust yet standards based version control system.

GitHub provides instructors adequate tools for managing student group projects and assignments that involve computer programming. GitHub also provide a platform for the McGill research community to work on collaborative projects involving participants from different departments, units or even institutions. Finally, GitHub provides the functionality required for source code control and management, which is lacking in McGill's Learning Management System (i.e. myCourses).

GitHub Classroom module is available to instructors and TA. GitHub Classroom automates repository creation and access control, making it easy to distribute starter code and collect assignments on GitHub. GitHub Classroom is an open-source module and as such is only supported and maintained by the public community, not by McGill IT resources, except for login issues.

For more information on GitHub

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