A new mission and vision

ITS mission

With our diverse and talented team of IT professionals, we provide:

Value-driven servicesStudent at computer

Strengthening McGill’s commitment to providing internationally renowned quality education, research and scholarly activities. 

Best user experienceStudent at computer

We provide best practices, cost-effective, and timely solutions that emphasize the user experience.

Meeting McGill'sStudent at computer
evolving needs

Supporting the growth of McGill's evolving technology needs.

ITS vision

We aspire to empower the McGill community through technologies and rapid innovation:

Innovative solutionsStudents at computers

We provide innovative solutions that advance learning, teaching and research.

AdministrativeStudents at computers

We facilitate administrative activities to help McGill achieve its mission.

A trusted advisorStudents at computers
partner and leader

Act as a trusted advisor and partner to the rest of the McGill community, we will offer leadership in emerging technologies while consistently demonstrating our technical and operational excellence.