First-Year Registration and Orientation

Welcome Day 2017

Welcome to the Faculty of Law!

If you've just received a letter of offer of admission, make sure to read BCL/LLB Program: Newly admitted students to find out what you need to know and do. Before arriving, new students are invited by email to read the information below regarding registration and orientation.

First-Year students joining us in the Fall: at this time, you are not permitted to register for courses; if you have, you will automatically be un-registered. Information regarding Course Registration will be sent with your orientation package.

Please note that there is a major street renovation project taking place on Peel between Sherbrooke and Des Pins, directly in front of the Faculty of Law. Parking  in the area is limited and accessing the Faculty may take longer than usual, so please plan accordingly.

Félicitations! You are about to embark on an incredible journey of learning and discovery. You are probably wondering what you need to do next.

Below is an overview of items to keep in mind: what to register for, how to seek academic advising and support, how to collect your McGill ID, participate in orientation, and more.

In the meantime, learn about the BCL/LLB program requirements, the possibility of adding a Major, Minor or Honours program, academic accommodations and more.

You will find the calendar of student key dates, course calendars, and exam schedules on the Courses & Registration section.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email [at]

Below, you will find information about:


Dates importantes:

  • Semaine du 9 juillet 2018: Chaque étudiant.e de première année est assigné.e à un groupe pour l’inscription aux cours de première année. Vous recevrez un courriel avec votre numéro de groupe et les sections de cours auxquelles vous pourrez vous inscrire. All students will be registering for all 1L required courses, but students may only register in the sections assigned to their group. Information about the different sections can be found on our Course Offerings website. All first-year courses are full-year courses, spanning both the fall and winter terms. 
  • 17 juillet 2018, dès 9h: Vous pourrez vous inscrire aux cours à partir de cette date, mais seulement aux sections assignées à votre groupe, tel que décrit dans le document que vous recevez en juillet. Consultez notre document sur PDF icon comment vous inscrire à vos cours[.pdf] sur Minerva.
  • 27 août 2018, dès 9h00: Première journée d'orientation à la Faculté de droit. La participation est obligatoire afin de confirmer votre inscription au BCL/LLB. Si vous ne vous présentez pas pour vous inscrire en personne, nous supposerons que vous ne voulez plus venir à la Faculté de droit de McGill et votre place sera cédée à un.e candidat.e sur la liste d'attente.
  • 18 septembre 2018: Date limite pour modifier votre horaire sans pénalité.

Please familiarize yourself with the University's Important dates, and the Faculty's Key academic dates and deadlines.

Integration weeks

Integration Weeks provide you with an introduction to law and legal studies and give you with the building blocks upon which to embark on your legal education. You will be introduced to foundational legal texts, traditions and concepts that will aid your integration into the Faculty. There will be plenary sessions in the morning and small group workshops in the afternoon.

During the first week of both the Fall and the Winter terms, all 1L students participate in Integration Week. Attendance is mandatory. Should you need to miss class, prior approval from the SAO is required, and supporting documentation will be needed. During those weeks, students attend only their LAWG 110 D1/D2 Integration Workshop course and Small Group Teaching section. No other 1L courses will be held during Integration Week.

Conseils et ressources à la Faculté de droit

Vous avez des questions à propos de votre programme, des examens, des extensions, des accommodations? Vous faites face à de la dépression, de l'anxiété, des problèmes financiers ou d'autres problèmes personnels et vous ne savez pas où vous tourner? Le Secrétariat des études en droit est là pour vous soutenir.

Passez visiter le Secrétariat aux études de la Faculté, qui est situé au 4e étage du Pavillon Chancellor-Day, ou envoyez vos disponibilités à [at] pour prendre rendez-vous avecnancy.czemmel [at] ( Nancy Czemmel, )Directrice aux études et à la vie étudiante,giosina.rota [at] mcgill.caGiosi Rota,) Conseillère aux affaires étudiantes ou jinnie.park [at] (Jinnie Park)jinnie.park [at] (,) Conseillère aux affaires étudiantes.

McGill University has also published a handy Advising Checklist for new students.

Student ID, preferred name, fees & public transit cards

Carte d'identité

Après avoir confirmé votre inscription en ligne, vous pourrez vous procurer une carte étudiante de l’Université McGill au Point de service/Service Point. Cette dernière donne accès aux nombreux services essentiels offerts sur le campus. Nous vous conseillons d’obtenir votre carte dans les plus brefs délais.

You may obtain your student ID card at the times and places indicated on the Service Point website. Please note that you must wait at least 24 hours following registration for at least one course in order to get your card.

Be sure to bring the following information or documentation with you, otherwise ID will not be issued:

  • McGill Student Number (e.g. on your letter of acceptance)
  • One piece of government-issued photo ID

For more information, see McGill Student Records: McGill Student ID Card.

Preferred First Name

Your preferred first name is the name by which you are normally addressed, and can be different than your legal first name. The Preferred First Name Procedure enables students to use an alternate preferred first name for certain purposes while studying at McGill. Students who wish to use a Preferred First Name should enter this information into Minerva as soon as possible in order to ensure that their preferred first name is used as widely as possible.

For instructions on how to change your preferred first name, consult McGill Student Records: Preferred First Name. Be advised that requesting a preferred first name be used at McGill does not change a student’s legal name in the McGill student record, nor in government records.

Note: Please wait 24 hours after entering your preferred first name into Minerva before requesting a new McGill ID card. This ensures that our information systems will be updated with your preferred first name so that a new ID card can be issued.

Student fees

Notez que les étudiants de McGill reçoivent des notifications/avis à leur courriel McGill quand leur facture électronique est disponible sur Minerva. La date limite de paiement est indiquée sur le calendrier de dates importantes pour étudiants ou sur votre facture électronique. Fees are visible on Account Summary by Term in early August and payment is due end of August.

The fees you pay at McGill are calculated according to whether you are a Quebec resident, Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or an international student. Take note that you will be considered an international student until the reception of your proof of residency. Relevant forms and detailed information about the required legal documents can be found on McGill's Legal Documents website. Service Point cannot accept in-person tuition payments.

For additional details on undergraduate tuition and fees, visit McGill Student Accounts' Tuition and other charges, and McGill Student Accounts' e-Billing and your account.

Please note: Students may also incur campus printing charges, which are charged to the fee account on a monthly basis and represent pay-for-use of printers on campus.

Public transit: getting your OPUS Card

Montreal has an extensive public transit system, with reduced student fares to full-time students. Once they have secured their McGill ID card, students can now order their Reduced-Fare photo ID OPUS Card directly from Minerva.


Orientation begins at the Faculty on August 27, 2018, and includes mandatory attendance sessions, along with fun activities organized by the Student Affairs Office and the Law Students' Association.

Please note that there is a major street renovation project taking place on Peel between Sherbrooke and Des Pins, directly in front of the Faculty of Law. Parking  in the area is limited and accessing the Faculty may take longer than usual, so please plan accordingly.

The 2018 Orientation Calendar is now available: PDF icon McGill Law Orientation Schedule

PDF icon Academic Success Series Poster

PDF icon 1L Student Handbook

PDF icon 1L Student Handbook

PDF icon 1L Student Handbook

For IT Orientation Session, please go to the following link to register:

The Law Students' Association organizes various orientation activities for new students over the course of the first two weeks of the Fall term. This is the Faculty of Law's own version of Frosh. It's a great way to meet fellow law students. Your Orientation and Registration Package will contain a calendar of activities.