Major Construction Work around the Faculty

Winter Break
The Peel Street work project is currently on hiatus; work should resume at the end of March 2019 (depending on weather conditions). During this time, Peel Street has reopened to vehicular traffic and parking are once more allowed. All are accessible to pedestrians.

Due to major construction work on Peel Street and Dr Penfield Avenue by the City of Montreal, traffic around the Faculty is heavily obstructed. Give yourself plenty of time to travel to and from the Faculty, no matter your mean of transportation. Here are current best ways to reach us.

This page will be updated as we receive new information and the worksite configuration changes. Please check back often. (Last update: January 10, 2019)

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Public transit
Universal access

Map 1: Pedestrian corridors, delivery zones and universal access points, as of November 28, 2018.

Pedestrian access

  • There is no more pedestrian crossing between the east and west sidewalks of Peel Street between Dr. Penfield Avenue and Pine Avenue. A portion of the east sidewalk (close to Dr. Penfield Avenue) is not accessible to pedestrians. To avoid detours, it is recommended that pedestrians who need to access a building on the east side of the upper portion of Peel street walk up McTavish Street and cross over to Peel through the alleys by Thomson House or the Education buildings.
  • The west sidewalk on the upper portion of Peel street has reopened to pedestrian traffic between Dr. Penfield and Pine Avenue.
  • The Nahum Gelber Law Library entrance can now be accessed by using the west sidewalk of Peel street. It is also accessible by coming in from the south walkway on the Faculty’s ground.
  • The west door of New Chancellor Day Hall and the basement cafeteria door (south walkway) are the best options for pedestrians.
  • Give yourself more time than usual to travel, as several detours are required to get around the construction site.
  • We recommend you walk up Stanley Street instead of Peel Street, as there are fewer obstacles.

Public transit

Vehicular traffic

  • On October 30, Peel Street reopened to NORTHBOUND ONLY traffic between Sherbrooke Street and Dr. Penfield Avenue. The section between Dr. Penfield Avenue and Pine Avenue remains closed. Vehicles may drive up Peel Street and turn right on Dr. Penfield Avenue. Stopping on Peel Street is forbidden; therefore, please use alternate routes if you are dropping off someone. Daycare drop-offs should be done via the back alley.
  • As of December 22, Peel Street between Sherbrooke Street and Pine Avenue will reopen to circulation and all sidewalks will be available to pedestrians until some time in March 2019.
  • The Peel/Dr Penfield intersection reopened to east-bound vehicular traffic on October 1.
  • If you are being dropped off:
    Option 1: Arrive via Dr Penfield Avenue and ask to be dropped off at the Dr Penfield/Stanley intersection. You can enter the Faculty through the west door (Stanley) or through the cafeteria door as described above.
    Option 2: Come up Drummond Street. You can enter the Faculty through the west door (Stanley) or through the cafeteria door.
  • Be advised parking is currently extremely limited around the Faculty (see below).


  • A delivery drop-off zone has been reserved on Dr. Penfield Avenue, near the Stewart Biology Building (1205 Dr Penfield). See map 1 above.
  • Delivery vehicles are required to avoid blocking the Reduced Mobility access ramp.
  • To bring deliveries into the Faculty, head towards New Chancellor Day Hall and, when you reach the metal handrail, turn right and head for the cafeteria door, located on the south side of Chancellor Day Hall. Once inside, turn left in the hallway to get to the elevators.


Universal Access

  • An access ramp is available on the sidewalk facing the Dr Penfield/Stanley intersection, shortly after the door of the Stewart Biology Building (1205, Dr Penfield Avenue). Head towards New Chancellor Day Hall and, when you reach the metal handrail, turn right and follow this path until you reach the Cafeteria door, located on the south side of Chancellor Day Hall. See Map 1 above, or Map 2 below.
  • Parking: one reserved parking spot is available at the intersection of Promenade Sir-William-Olser/Dr Penfield. See this map for more information: McGill Transport: map of accessible parking spaces and building accessibility guide.

Map showing pedestrian access points and universal access points

Map 2: Universal access point and recommended pedestrian paths on the west side of Chancellor Day Hall.

See also McGill Construction Projects - Peel Street 2018.