DCL Teaching and Supervisory Programs

DCL Teaching Fellowship Program

The Teaching Fellow program is designed to provide DCL students with an opportunity to gain in-depth teaching experience within the Faculty of Law as part of their DCL program. Working under the close supervision of a law professor, the fellow actively contributes to the instruction in a course within the Faculty. In conjunction with a full-time faculty member, the student may engage in all aspects of the course, including its design, instruction, and method of evaluation. By the end of the fellowship, the DCL teaching fellow will have had the opportunity to take leadership roles in:

  1. Designing a course plan or syllabus
  2. Selecting course readings and learning materials
  3. Developing class plans and classroom activities and learning exercises
  4. Imagining possibilities for integrating technology in the classroom
  5. Conceiving methods of evaluation
  6. Engaging in student evaluation and feedback
  7. Holding office hours and meetings with students

DCL Supervisory Fellowship Program

The Supervisory Fellow program provides DCL students, under the supervision of a Faculty member, with an opportunity to advise LLM (non-thesis) students in preparation of a research paper. DCL advisors learn how to guide students in selecting and refining their research projects, formulating clear research questions, researching law and theory, organizing the project, and writing and revising drafts. The DCL student will recommend an assessment of the final paper (on a Pass or Fail basis) to the DCL student’s supervisor.