BSc in Food Science/BSc in Nutritional Sciences

Two Complementary Fields, One Program

Earn two concurrent BSc degrees: one in Food Science and one in Nutritional Sciences



This 4-year program allows students to simultaneously earn two concurrent degrees– Food Science and Nutritional Sciences. Unique in North America, this concurrent degree program offers an education in these complementary fields and opens the door to a multitude of career paths.

The Food Science component of the program focuses on the chemistry of food and the scientific principles underlying food preservation, processing, and packaging to provide consumers with quality foods. The Nutritional Sciences component deals with the science of the nutritional aspects of food and metabolism.

The program ensures that students receive the training that industry demands. The program includes a stage in their final year when students decide if they wish to do an Industrial stage or a Nutrition stage.


Industrial Stage: Students will be trained to carry out specific functions within a company that may involve product development, quality control, sensory analysis, food analysis, food processing, and other related tasks.

Nutrition Stage: The internship is completed in a professional working environment and may involve projects in research laboratories or food manufacturing companies to work on food product development and nutrition labeling. Students may also develop nutrition promotion literature, website editing, and nutrition articles related to consumer education regarding new food products, nutritional supplements, or nutrition consulting services. Opportunities may include international placements in non-governmental agencies involved in nutrition promotion in developing countries as well as research in clinical settings working with medical practitioners.

Note: If you are an international student, check if you need to apply for a “Co-op/internship” Work Permit. If that is the case, you can download this letter to include with your application.


Required Courses: 80 credits
Complementary Courses: 30credits
Elective Courses: 12 credits
(Total 122 Credits)

Concurrent Bachelor of Science in Food Science (B.Sc.(F.Sc.)) and Bachelor of Science Nutritional Sciences (B.Sc.(Nutr.Sc.)) - Food Science/Nutritional Science Major (Concurrent) (122 Credits)



■ Pharmaceutical industries

■ Food product research and development

■ Public health services

■ Food labeling and packaging

■ Food inspection

■ Food chemistry

■ Agri-Food companies