Compassion Day at the McGill Art Hive


The McGill Art Hive Initiative (MAHI), in collaboration with The McGill Council on Palliative Care, is presenting a series of art activities to explore the relationship of community and compassion. Everyone is welcome -- students, faculty, staff.

All supplies will be provided free of charge.

Below are the Art Hive's activities for Compassion Day - May 10th:
We look forward to seeing you there! (Education Bldg., 3700 McTavish, 1st Floor.)

Compassion day at the MAHI, Workshops:

  • Open Studio / Posters about Compassion / Before I Die Project:  Ongoing / 9 am – 5 pm), by Maria Ezcurra (MAHI Art-Facilitator)
  • The Raven Project (Recycling Workshop, 12-2 pm), by Nicole Bauberger & Teresa Vander Meer-Chasse (Visiting Artists)
  • Textile Workshop (11 am-12 pm), by Lori Beavis (P. Lantz Coordinator)
  • Modeling Workshop (12-2 pm) Aaron Richmond (P. Lantz Artist-in-Residence)
  • Compassionate Movements (11 am-12 pm), by Déborah Maia de Lima (P. Lantz Visiting Artist-in-Residence)