The Mural Project: A Community Wall Drawing


The Mural Project: A Community Wall Drawing

Interested in working at a large scale? 

Come and join a work group that will explore the materials and techniques of site-specific drawing.

First meeting to be held at the Art Hive (3700 McTavish, Education building, 1st floor) at 12 pm Friday, Feb 2nd. Contact Aaron Richmond for more information or to join in the effort (INFO BELOW).

This project will run from February 2nd to March 22. A working group will be collaborating on a large wall drawing in the Education Learning Commons (1st Floor, Faculty of Education). 

Interested participants will work together, exploring:

1. How to work with architectural parameters. 
2. Choosing the right materials.
3. Developing a formal vocabulary.
4. Drawing and painting on a large-scale.

Participants can join the group at any point. Provisionally, I imagine we will meet on Fridays, but there is some flexibility if members of the group want to work at a different time. 

Contact Information

Aaron Richmond
aaron.richmond [at]