Student Life


Mining and Materials Graduate Student Association (MMGESA)

President (Materials)

mark.lepage [at] (Mark Lepage)

Serves as the official representative of the MMGSA to all external entities including
the PGSS Council meetings, responsible for all official correspondence with external
entities and maintainance of records and documentations of the MMGSA activities.

VP (Mining)

flavie.arseneau [at] (Flavie Arseneau)

VP (Materials)

konstantina.chalastara [at] (Konstantina Chalastara)

VP Finance

yan.zeng [at] (Yan Zeng)

Ensures all financial transactions adhere to the approved Association budget,
maintains official financial records for auditing purposes and prepares
the Association’s yearly budget as well as final annual financial statement.

VP Activities

hyeree.park [at] (Hyeree Park)

Plans and executes academic as well as social events following the rules and
laws ensuring all events are advertised to the Membership.