Safety Requirements

  • Everyone in the department (students, technicians, professors, research associates and assistants) is required to take the WHMIS safety training offered by McGill EH&S, and keep the training valid by updating it every three years. To register, click here. Graduate students are required to take this training in their first semester at McGill.
  • Attend and pass the Hazardous Waste safety training from EH&S, and keep it updated.
  • When you give your department seminar presentation, add a safety slide.
  • All graduate students, post-docs, visiting scholars and professors, and undergraduate students, doing research in our labs are required to attend a departmental safety orientation by their second semester at McGill. The orientation is offered at the beginning of each semester (Fall, Winter and Summer). It covers safety fundamentals as well as specifics related to our department needs, and includes four (4) hands-on demonstrations. Here is a copy of the most recentPDF icon mime_safety_orientation_ppt_w15.pdf.
  • Each student or post doc is required to fill out McGill’s EH&S Safety Orientation Checklist. This document is a checklist of all things related to safety, which students should be aware of.  We recommend that the supervisor discusses these items with all his/her students during a group meeting, to make sure everyone knows the meaning of the items.  Student’s advisors or lab manager file the checklist.
  • If the student or postdoc works with a special hazard, e.g. radiation or biohazards, the student is required to get the required training after discussion with their supervisor.
  • All graduate students have to provide safety training information in their annual progress report.
  • Safety shares are being introduced during the first few moments of MINMAT departmental and group meetings, and graduate seminars.
  • The department encourages everyone to complete a TRACK card before starting a new experiment. See the Quick Reference section to download a copy.

Requirements updated February 2015