Electron Microscopy Labs

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The Department of Mining and Materials Engineering has three exceptional research tools with its Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM).

Hitachi SU-3500 Variable Pressure -SEM

  • Resolution SE: 3nm at 30kV (high vacuum mode), 7nm at 3kV (high vacuum mode)
  • Ultra variable pressure, BSE, SDD EDS and EBSD detectors
  • The BSE detector allows to obtain a quantitative tree dimensional maps of the surface of a specimen, allowing to quantify complicated and/or rough surfaces
  • Stereoscopic image function

Hitachi Cold FE SU-8000 SEM

  • 0.5 nm resolution at 30 kV and 2 nm resolution at 0.2 kV.
  • 7 Detectors including a secondary electron (SE) lower detector, a SE/BSE upper detector and SE/BSE top detector with energy filtration, a five quadrant BSE detector, a STEM detector for bright/dark field imaging a SDD EDS Detector and an EBSD camera.


Hitachi Cold FE SU-823000 SEM

  • 0.5 nm resolution at 30 kV and 3 nm resolution at 0.05 kV.
  • Secondary electron (SE) lower detector, SE/BSE upper detector, SE/BSE top detector with energy filtration of BSE electrons, five quadrant BSE detector, STEM detector for bright/dark field, and SDD EDS detector.