Non-vacation Leaves for Librarians

Non-vacation leave entitlements – from the Dean of Libraries, July 2011

In response to several questions posed recently by Librarians, we are reminding everyone of the practices followed by the Library regarding non-vacation leave entitlements for Librarians.

As academic staff, Librarians are entitled to the marriage and bereavement leaves stipulated under the Quebec Labour Standards (Commission des norms de travails).

Marriage or Civil Union

1 day with pay, if it falls on a working day.


Death or of the employee’s spouse, his child, the child of his spouse, his father or his mother, his brother or his sister – 1 day with pay and 4 days without pay

Absence for death or funeral of the employee’s son-in-law, daughter-in-law, one of his grandparents or grandchildren, or of the father, mother, brother or sister of his spouse – 1 day without pay

These and other leave entitlements are detailed in the Labour Standards in Quebec summary document which can be found at:



Should there be extenuating circumstances surrounding either the Librarian’s marriage or bereavement request, they should discuss their needs with the Library’s Senior HR Advisor and the Associate Director, Planning and Resources.

July 6, 2011

From U:/Commom/Administrative/Entitlements/Academic Leave entitlements - Librarian Update July 6 2011.doc


Sabbatic Leaves

McGill’s Academic Personnel Office maintains a webpage with all the information needed to submit a sabbatic leave request (forms, timetable, research grant information). It is the Regulations on Sabbatic Leaves for Tenured and Tenure Track Academic Staff (available from the Secretariat's website) that specifies eligibility for sabbatic leaves, including the number of years of credited service required.

Librarians who are preparing applications for a sabbatic leave may benefit by discussing their application and sabbatical plan with a colleague who has recently been granted a sabbatic leave. Several members of the MAUT Librarians' Section have volunteered to share their experiences and insights about the process of applying for sabbatic leaves. Please contact the MAUT-LS Chair for more information.

Brief Survey of Sabbatical Policies in Academic Libraries in North America - Report submitted by the Professional Issues Committee, August 30, 2016