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Posted December 14, 2016

For general information about family care at large, consult the website of the Sub-committee on Family Care. “We recognize that working, teaching or studying while balancing family life is a very difficult thing to do. We have created this website in order to streamline communication on this topic and consolidate available information relating to schooling, childcare, elder care, health care and other community resources.”


Childcare: MAUT Agreement with Kids & Company

Posted August 4, 2016

Kids & Company is a private, unsubsidized childcare provider with nationwide presence in Canada, and expanding in the U.S. Their corporate program works by giving priority access to the employees of member entities, which includes MAUT. Children of MAUT members are guaranteed a spot within six (6) months of registration. Two (2) of their 85 locations are in Montréal, not far from McGill University (Saint-Catherine St. & Duke St.).  Their facilities are modern, and they offer a program of educational activities. If you are not currently an MAUT member and wish to take advantage of this exclusive offer, apply today!


  • A guaranteed spot within six (6) months of registration

It is often hard to find a childcare spot even at private, unsubsidized childcare centres.  Kids & Company provides a solution for newly hired faculty and for existing faculty currently on waiting lists elsewhere.

Parents traveling across Canada for business or leisure may use any of the 85 locations. The ability to access any location across Canada will provide childcare options when traveling to conferences, on vacation, on sabbatical, etc. *Some locations in the U.S. as well.

  • Full-time or part-time childcare

Scheduling flexibility is critical for many families with infants.  Kids & Company  allows families to reduce registration costs if needed. Options include 1 to 5 days a week, part time or full time care. This flexibility is not available at every childcare centre. Often the weekly charge is the same whether a child attends 5 days or only 2 days a week. This is not the case at Kids & Company as they only charge for the days being used.

  • Events for families, workshops for parents

Great for new parents and for new faculty members and their partners, as they settle in the city and start building a network.

  • Babysitter referrals

Find babysitters recommended by Kids & Company.  

  • Network of Elder Care services

Families who also have elder care needs, may obtain resource referrals.

  • Back-Up Childcare package

This allows parents to drop-off their children (0-12 yrs.) for up to 15 visits a year at a reduced corporate rate. The program is a practical alternative for families that may only need to make occasional arrangements for unforeseen or particular situations, such as “ped days”, school breaks and unavailability of primary caregiver.


Both Montrealers and newcomers have difficulty finding childcare spots, whether subsidized, unsubsidized, public or private. The certainty of having a spot guaranteed provides peace of mind to families that cannot afford to be on a waiting list indefinitely.

Kids & Company could also be less expensive than hiring a caregiver at home. (Using a conservative rate of $12/hr for a nanny: $12/hr x 8hrs = $96, plus cost of food.)

With the mandatory implementation of La Place 0-5, as of December 2015, all public and private daycares that are subsidized have created a centralized waiting list. (The McGill Childcare Centre and the SSMU Daycare Centre are included.) This list cannot be monitored, and parents are not given a time frame for an available spot.


Parents must pay a daily fee which runs between $60 - $80 for infants, toddlers and preschoolers (depending on the age and schedule of the child). Daily fee includes snacks and lunch. Permanent residents and Canadians have the option of applying for Quebec’s Advanced Payments of the Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses. Those on work permits may apply for the credit as well, but will receive it with their tax refund. The credit amount will vary depending on income. As of 2015, parents’ contribution at subsidized daycares will be adjusted depending on household income. This may result in a family paying a similar amount in a subsidized or unsubsidized daycare. The backup childcare package costs $350.