How do I apply?

    Minerva Exchange Request Form

    To access the request form, log on to Minerva and navigate to: Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Exchange/Study Away Menu > Request for Exchange. (Refer to the deadlines to request exchange.)

    Before you begin

    Minerva will "time-out" within 90 minutes if no activity is entered; therefore, we recommend you prepare the following documents in advance (e.g., as a Word file) and have them on the computer you are using to copy and paste into the Minerva application form where appropriate:

    • Your statement of purpose for participating in the exchange (approximately 1/2 to 3/4 page in length) in the language of instruction of the host institution. This applies to your choices of exchange institutions (select up to 4 choices). Your statement of purpose should include:
      • Reasons for applying to go on exchange at your selected host institution(s).
      • How the courses taken at the host institution will contribute to the successful completion of your McGill degree.
      • How the exchange opportunity will impact your life in terms of career, community work and life experience.
      • How you intend to contribute to community activities both on and off campus when you return home.
    • List of courses. You need to submit a minimum of 8 courses for each term you plan to participate in an exchange. This list is to provide a good idea of the courses you would like to follow at the host institution. If you apply to two institutions you must submit two separate lists of courses. You do not need to have these courses approved by your advisor until you have been nominated by the Student Exchange and Study Abroad Office.
    • Your U21 essay (if applicable).

    We recommend that you keep electronic copies of these documents. Your online application can be revisited and edited until your faculty's deadline. To edit your request, log into Minerva and navigate to: Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Exchange/Study Away Menu >View Application Status.

    Minerva Help

    If you need more details regarding the fields on the Minerva Exchange Application form, click on the question mark at the end of each field or on the page-specific HELP link at the top right corner of the Minerva form.