Equity & Diversity Programs

We have a number of outreach programs encouraging underrepresented groups to apply to McGill’s health professional programs.

A few of our outreach programs include:

Explore! Careers in Health – a three-day program held yearly in June, where high school students from grades 9 to 10 are introduced to various health professions.

Health Outreach Projects (HOP) – a McGill Medical Students' Society club which does high school visits across the province of Quebec to introduce young learners to the health professions. HOP also holds three one-day events, called Health Professional for a Day, where students learn about the health professions through simulated activities. These one day events are held in the months of March and April annually.

Eagle Spirit Science Futures – geared towards encouraging and  attracting Indigenous learners to the health professions, and administered through the Indigenous Health Professions Program.